Connecting via Phoneline to DirecTV after PTVchanges?

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Connecting via Phoneline to DirecTV after PTVchanges?

I just purchased a second DVR, (Hughes SD-DVR40) and I want to network it to my primary DirecTV DVR (Samsung SIR-S4120) with Tivo subscription.

In reading the posts, it appears that after hacking a machine, I can't leave it plugged into my phoneline or DirecTV will learn what I've done and/or it will overwrite any software changes that I make.

If not plugged into the phoneline, how would I order PayPerView shows?

Additionally, will I need to order a 2nd Tivo subscription from DirecTV. I don't really have a problem if I do, since it's only $5 a month.

I replied to your other
  1. I replied to your other thread.

  2. If you use PTVNet, it will run "fakecall," and will not "phone home." You can still use the phone line for caller ID (elseed, in this case).

  3. The best way to order PPV is via DirecTV's web site. By doing it that way, your order is "mirrored" to all of your receivers.

  4. There is only one DVR fee of $5.99/month, one TiVo or twenty.

If you have only one monthly

If you have only one monthly DVR fee, but two DVR's does the second DVR have all of the TIVO functionality of Pausing, future PlayList recording, immediate program recording, etc?

Details of my account currently are:

Receiver 1 Package Info: Den
Package - DirecTV DVR Service
Mirroring status - Mirrored

Receiver 2 Package Info: Bedroom
Package - Additional Receiver
Mirroring status - Mirrored

DirecTV doesn't care what

DirecTV doesn't care what kind of DVRs you have - there is still only one monthly DVR fee (you could have a mixture of TiVos and R15s). Of course, you still pay a mirroring fee for each additional receiver at your residence. Dish Network charges a mirroring fee and a DVR fee for each additional DVR.