Do I need a subscription?

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Do I need a subscription?

I own a business and therefore, Dish Network will not provide me with a DVR.  

If I buy a DVR on ebay, do I need to also then call Tivo and order a subscription? 

Is it possible to use a DVR without a subscription? 

If I need a subscription, are there other companies that I can



If you buy a TiVo, you can

If you buy a TiVo, you can only subscribe to the TiVo service and you must subscribe. Though, you don't have to buy the TiVo from eBay - TiVo doesn't care if you're a business or not.

However, if you meant you wanted to buy a Dish DVR, that's not run by TiVo at all - the DVR subscription will be handled by Dish directly. (Note: Dish Network is currently in court against TiVo trying to get resolution on whether or not its DVRs violate TiVo's patents). The only satellite provider that used TiVo was DirecTV, but they since got their own DVRs that aren't TiVos.

If you want other DVRs other than just TiVo, there's always Windows Media Center, a dozen other DVR utilities for Windows, and ReplayTV (for PC).