Does any DVR software link to a TV database?

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My big complaint about my TIVO is it doesn't recognize individual shows.  My only options are first-run and repeats.  I want to know which season a given episode is in, or ask the DVR to be on the alert for a specific episode.  For instance, say I miss an episode of ER (not that that particular show is worth anything any more) and want to catch it next time it comes up, but ignore all other repeats.  It can't do anything close to that, but it should be able to.  Or say I'm interested in getting into a new show that's already into its third year.  I want the DVR to look for and record all the episodes from the first season, and let me know when it's got, say, the first 5 (marked in order).

I figure *someone* must have done a linkage to a TV series database by now.  Who?