Downconverting Component to Composite?

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Downconverting Component to Composite?

I want to hook my HD TiVo (Hughes HR10-250) up to my main TV via a component connection.  I also want to connect the TiVo to a modulator which has a composite connection.  Since the HD TiVo that I just purchased doesn't output both analog and HD signals simultaneously, I was thinking (incorrectly) that I could just split the component connection buy a cable to adapt to a composite connection.  I later found out that I need to downconvert the HD signal to a composite connection and that the device to do this costs around $400-$500 - not an option.

Of course I could use the built in switcher between analog and digital on the remote, but I don't want to have to mess with that if I don't have to.  I don't want to cut off the signal to one TV by simply turning on the other one. 

Has anyone else run across this problem and found a reasonable solution?

I have a HR10-250. It will

I have a HR10-250. It will output both at the same time if set to 480i. You might try that. I find most of the picture improvement is going from NTSC to component, rather than increasing the resolution.