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I am about to embark on my DTV Tivo HMO cruise. I have been reading WeetHet's "how to's" thoroughly, obatining my network router, ethernet adapters, PTV upgrade software, etc. I have (2) DTV series 2 units (Phillips 708), the loaded software from DTV is 6.2...... I have several shows that I don't want to lose. Before I cast off, how can I get those shows off and on to my PC and burn them to DVD ?

oops......sorry about that

oops......sorry about that last post. my bad.

Thanks for the quick response

Thanks for the quick response.

I looked at the step by step

I looked at the step by step for extraction. On the assumptions:
#1 I have a series 2 DTV tivo running straight form the DTV hacks.
#2 I have the network equipment (netgear adapters fa120 and router fr114p)& I'll be getting the cd's PTVnet 6.2 and InstantCake 6.2 from PTV.
BUT in reference to "InstantCake", in reading the instructions, it references using "new" hard drives. I am wanting to get shows off my existing hard drive. So, would I just bypass "InstantCake" for the extraction ?
#3 What am I looking for at ?
A forum login for the help I'm going to need ?

best way to do what you want

best way to do what you want done if it's not done already that is, is to backup|restore your existing HD to a larger one and hack THAT HD. Hinsdale's howto and weaknees' instructions are what you need after THAT, apply ptvnet or whatever other method you choose. Then no shows are lost. There's NO reason a new image is madatory when hacking your DTivo.

Thanks Gunny,The first hard

Thanks Gunny,
The first hard drive (phillips dvr708)is standard and i'll be replacing it with a 250 gig, so that should be fine. I also have a second system (phillips dvr 7000) and that has (2) hard drives (240 hrs). When I do the back-up, how much space is needed on my computer to hold the back-up information ? Do I need the same space as the size of the (2) hard drives from the Tivo system ?