DVR for live sports recording and replay

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DVR for live sports recording and replay

Please feel free to point me to a more appropriate thread if I am poking in the wrong area.

I am interested in setting up a DVR to record live hockey action from a video camera.  One of the key attributes of the DVR is the ability to go back and review portions of the hockey game (while the DVR continues to record live action) in variable speed slow motion.  I'd like the ability to slow down the replay very slowly, but to speed up and slow down the replay as necessary.

I have found DVRs that allow slow motion review but only in one slow-motion speed (and I cannot determine how slow that single speed is).  I haven't been able to find information regarding the possibility of variable speed slow motion.

If anyone can provide me advice or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.



Still looking for some help

Still looking for some help in this!!