GSOD - where to start?

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GSOD - where to start?

Hi Folks,  i am researching how to fix a series2 stand-alone
which keeps GSOD(ing) at 15 minute intervals, never really taking the
"3 hours" that the GSOD says it needs to fsck(i assume it's doing
this).  I have let it sit overnight (uninterrupted as it
indicates) with no luck... finding it still rebooting 20 hours
later.  This is my daughters Tivo, she "NEEDS" it, i'd like to fix
it as quickly and cheaply as possible.  The questions I have are:

MFStools be used to manually fsck partitions (particularly the boot and
boot secondary) to fix such a problem as above? 

Can I purchase and download Instant Cake, a new (larger than the original 40GB) drive, and build basically an empty Tivo? 

Is there anything (like a hostid) that resides on the original disk that is used to connect to the service?

Any assistance would be appriciated.

Thanks, dean

It could be the unit, could

It could be the unit, could be drive, or both. It's most likely the drive. Cheapest and easiest way is get the instantcake, and a new drive. If it's the drive and it's rebooting like that, you're not going to be able to salvage anything off of it.

Yeah, that's what i figured.

Yeah, that's what i figured. So, the instant cake can put the Tivo boot partition(s) back in place on the bare drive AND the Tivo OS ?  Are there any POST diagnostics available within the Tivo's flash memory (before it boots) ?  Sorry for the generic questions... just debating whether to burn cycles if it turns out to be the unit itself vs. just buying another one outright. 

Thanks again for the help!