Help with connecting DVR to DVD recorder

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Help with connecting DVR to DVD recorder


I have a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD, I wanted to take files from its hard drive and burn them onto a dvd using an external dvd recorder, I had a few questions about this process.

1. How do I hook up the DVR to the DVD recorder?
2. I am using component cables (to get an HD signal) to connect my High definition tv to my Scientific atlanta DVR, If i use composite cables to connect my dvd recorder to the dvr (which only give a digital signal, NOT HD), will there be problems when i record to dvd?
3. I am using easy setup mode on my dvr and everything is displayed in 1080i, will this be a problem when recording?
4. Do i need a specific type of dvd recorder? I was looking into the following:
should it be sufficient to record files?

thank you