Howto identify programs with vserver?

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Howto identify programs with vserver?

I have vserver installed on my tivo, and can talk to it via mplayer. Only problem is, mplayer wants a program number, and I don't see how to get this information.

For example:
mplayer tivo://
205349 -- 12/08/06 21:00 -- 06 -- SCFI
151855 -- 11/17/06 21:00 -- 05 -- SCFI

To play the program I need to give mplayer the number in the first column - but I don't see any easy way to figure out what program number corresponds to which program.

If I view programs via TivoWebPlus, I have a nice guide, but I don't see where to get this program number that is needed for mplayer/vserver.