HR10-250 Activation Woes

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HR10-250 Activation Woes

I had my new HR10-250 up and running (FTP, telnet, etc.) in less than a half hour today. When I called to activate the unit, the first CSR never asked my receiver ID number. I even told her that the receiver ID is needed to "marry" the access card. After waiting on hold several times, I got disconnected (luckily, after about 30 minutes). I immediately called back and got ahold of someone who took all of the needed information; I was online in about two minutes. After that, I had to be transferred to someone else, as the default for a new receiver is "leased." The guy I was transferred to even tried to tell me it was a leased unit. I finally had to bore it into his head that it was not purchased from a DirecTV partner, so no lease applied.

After I get my triple LNB dish installed on Saturday, I'll actually get to watch some HD programming. I'll go get an antenna for my HD locals tomorrow.

Be on the lookout for another article from yours truly.... :-)

The installer came today to

The installer came today to put in my triple-LNB dish. It turns out that the dish had a dent in it (I got it off eBay), so he just grabbed one out of his truck. I had him run two lines to my third bedroom; he was going to charge $10 for that, but I said I would tip him that instead. He ended up installing the largest multiswitch DirecTV uses, the one for a 5-LNB dish. Instead of tipping him, I just gave him the R15 I had sitting on a shelf, and let him take an old multiswitch and the old round dish.

The installer was amazed that I was getting a satellite strength of 99 and an OTA signal of 83 with my indoor antenna. He said there was no point in putting up the outdoor OTA antenna, which he offered to give me for the R15.

OK, give us the inof on the

OK, give us the inof on the inside antenna.



This is the antenna.    

This is the antenna.