HR10-250 or HR20-700?

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HR10-250 or HR20-700?

Which way to go for HD DirecTV?  The two biggest issues I believe are TiVo vs DirecTV UI and the ability to pull down MPEG4 (HR20 can, HR10 can't). 

Will the HD channels only be broadcast in MPEG4 anytime soon?  Basically, will the locals only be MPEG4 or will all the HD channels?

If you have access to OTA in

If you have access to OTA in your area, the HR10-250 is the better choice.  You can check out to see what OTA channels are available.

Any new HD channels via directv are going to be in MPEG-4, no more MPEG-2 HD channels and at some point (I believe) the LA and NY MPEG2 HD feeds are going to be turned off.  The current HD channels that are in MPEG2, not sure if they're going to stick around in MPEG2 or get changed to MPEG4 anytime soon.  

The other benefit of using OTA on the HR10-250 is you get all the subchannels your stations carry, 5-1, 5-2, etc.  With the MPEG4 HD channels via directv, you're going to get only the primary x-1 channel and not all of your locals, just the major networks.