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I have done the install without a problem, I bought a Netgear adapter and have both lights blinking, but I am having trouble telnetting in. It says it cannot connect to host. I have two quick questions that might resolve the issue....

If I connect directly from the Netgear adapter to the router (Linksys WRT54G) do I have to use a crossover cable?

Or, if I plug into the keystone jacks in the wall, what cables do I use at either end?

By "install" I assume you

By "install" I assume you mean PTVNet and not just InstantCake.

Are you certain of the TiVo's address? Use this to find its IP. If it has an IP, try first logging into TiVoWebPlus in a web browser. If that works, go to Hackman and make sure FTP is running. If you can't even connect using TiVoWebPlus, try rebooting the TiVo. I know that seems to be the cure-all for computer problems, but it actually works sometimes.

do I have to use a crossover cable?

Since the WRT54G has auto-sensing ports, it would work either way. The only time you would need a crossover would be to connect a TiVo (or gaming console or another computer) directly to a computer.