Newbie help with FiOS and Motorola 7216 DVR

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Newbie help with FiOS and Motorola 7216 DVR

Hello everyone - newbie here.  ot sure if this is in the right spot or not.  If not, my apologies.  Anyway, have had Verizon FiOS about a year now - love it.  However, when they rolled out the service in our area the TV service wa snot availabe yet.  It FINALLY is and we are switching from DISH to FiOS TV.  We never got the DVR with the DISH service so this will be my first DVR experience.

 We opted to go with Verizon's Home Media DVR (see here: and it looks as though at this point they are shipping the Motorola 7216 (at least according to their web site).  This is the model that records high def, let's you stream to other STB's around the house and also ties in to your PC to let you access music playlists and pictures from your PC.  Now, here are my questions:

1)  Can the Moto 7216 hard drive be upgraded?  Or can an external port be used to add an external drive?  Seriously, 160GB for HD???  Who thought of this??  Between my sports, the wife's cop dramas (and soaps, and docu dramas, and... well you get the picture) and the kids stuff - well 160GB will last us maybe a few days.

2) Now... this might seem like a strange one.  I have googled and googled this as many different ways as I can think of and can not find ANYTHING that addresses what I want to do but stay with me here.  I am wondering if there is a way to load MY content onto the Moto DVR.  Specifically, can I rip DVD's to the internal hard drive?  Everything I found was about taking content OFF the DVR and onto DVD.  But I want to load up frequently watched DVD's (like the kids stuff that they want to watch EVERY DAY) and streaming them to other TV's.  I really literally couldn't find anyone talking about this anywhere on the internet.  Maybe it can't be done but you'd think someone would have asked??  Or maybe I'm not using the right terms to search on??  Anyway, supposing the answer to number 1 is that the 7216 hard drive CAN be easily upgraded, then I'd love to drop a TB drive in there, copy all the DVD's to the drive and then watch them anywhere in the house!  (well anywhere with a STB).  I mean, would that be cool or what?

OK enough rambling.  I'll wait and see what replies I get.  Hope these aren't dumb questions.  Thanks in advance for all your help....