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Please help

This probably isn't the right location for this post, but no one posts on the other forums. I recently moved to Singapore and purchased a slingbox before leaving..I have it up and running, but the time difference is 12 hours. So I obviously need to buy a DVR, but I am a moron when it comes to them. The slingbox is at my parents and do not have digital cable...So, do they need to upgrade to digital? Is a monthly service required like i read about with Tivo with all DVRs? What DVR what you recommend to use along with the slingbox? Any other info I should know about them? I know enough about technology to learn it quick, but still live in the stone age with DVRs...please help!

The Slingbox is compatible

The Slingbox is compatible with many different DVRs. Without digital cable, you'll probably need to go with a TiVo, since it's one of the few standalone DVRs left.

If you can convince them to upgrade their cable service, you could rent a Motorola or Scientific Atlanta DVR from them.

Most DVRs have a monthly service fee associated with them. With TiVo, you can buy 1-3 years of service up front or pay monthly. If you rent from your cable company, there will be a 5 to 10 dollar fee on the cable bill every month, depending on the provider.