probleme creating new drive

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probleme creating new drive

I had a spare 40Gig drive a philips 7000 so I got tje iso for the PTVnet and the instacake for 6.2 that the machine is running.
CD on primary IDE as slave HD on Secoondary IDE as master.
I start with the PTVnet cd and moveto the cake cd when it ask me. it appears to do it but very fast. and when I slip the HD to the DVR it just sits there saying "powering up "

I have redone this 3 time now.. This drive hadd nothing on it. I have a 250GB drive but I wanted to testt this out with the small drive first and see the web and ethernet work beffore I did the big drive.

I folowed the instructions laid out. what did I miss ???

Are you certain you

Are you certain you reconnected the drive into the TiVo correctly? Did you accidentally unplug a small white ribbon cable in the process?

You got no errors when installing? InstantCake usually won't load unless the target disk is larger than the original.

ggetting the error target

ggetting the error target drive is too small. thetarget drive is 80gb drive. should it be formated to linux or fat32 ??

In your first post, you

In your first post, you stated you had an extra 40GB drive, which is what is normally in a 7000. If you used an 80GB drive, I can't see why there would be a problem.

There is no reason to format a drive before running InstantCake. It's actually a waste of time, as whatever is there will be overwritten, anyway.

Where did the 8ogb drive come

Where did the 8ogb drive come from?? Try downloading the drive utilities from the manufacturers website and reformating the the drive. I have had similar problems in the past and good luck with that.