PTV Newbie...What do I need?

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PTV Newbie...What do I need?

I am not new to modding TiVos, but I am new to the PTV stuff and series 2 DirecTivos.  I did a search but couldn't find all that I needed.  On PTVs site they have several pieces of software and I didn't know which one's I need.

Here's my situation.  I just bought two S2 DirecTivos (Both Hughes, one SD-DVR40 and one SD-DVR80).  I want to be able to put a single 250GB or 320GB drive in each of them.  I'd rather take out the original hard drive and mothball it.  So I need at least the InstantCake software to create the new drive.  I would also assume that I need the PTVNet software as well if I want to be able to network my Tivos.  Is this correct?

 My questions come here:

1. What is the difference between version 4 (or 3.11e) and version 6.2 of the tivo software and are there pros/cons of each?

2. What about the other utilities that PTV has: LBA48? Universal Boot CD? Are these needed?

3. What's the best wired USB2.0 to Ethernet adapter?

Thanks for helping out a newbie!  I appreciate it.