[QUESTION] What should I replace R15 with?

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[QUESTION] What should I replace R15 with?

I have DirecTV.  I have R15.  I've read that I can't connect to this to PC to copy the recording from DVR to PC.  If I buy a used Philips DSR704 on eBay then can I replace R15 with it so I can transfer the recording from DSR704 to PC? 

Do I need to subscribe to TiVo? 

Can I cancel my DVR service after I hook up DSR704 to PC?

Do you know where I can get a detail instruction on how to connect DSR704 to PC?Thank you very much.

When you said "connect the

When you said "connect the TiVo", were you referring to DSR704 or DVRs such as TCD540040 or both?