Regarding the extraction guide

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Regarding the extraction guide

I am following the extraction guide found in Yog's post. I dowloaded the .mips file. The guide says to extract the files and use Smart Ftp to transfer "tserver to the  ptv up bin. I dowloaded the file to  my docs. I got confused on the extraction part. Is the guide telling me to FTP the entire.mips file to the bin. I couldn't finder "tserver" only. New to this, was able to figure out telnet, a little. On that note, when you see instructions for telnetting to the tivo. The commands are listed on seperate lines. If I'm told to enter  a line at the bash prompt, after I enter that line, do I hit enter to go to the next line and so on. Your help is appreciated


You only need to FTP "tserver

You only need to FTP "tserver" to /ptvupgrade/bin/.

I just downloaded the file to check, and tserver is definitely there. Power Archiver can extract .tar files.

Yes, hit ENTER after every line.