Saying I need help is a gross understatement! SAT T60

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Saying I need help is a gross understatement! SAT T60

I own a T60 and it was working for about 8 months. It was upgraded to 123 hours when I bought it and it has a lifetime sub.

Well it began to reboot occasionally over about a two week period. Not too often but more than a couple times. Then one morning I turned it on and it began to continually reboot. It reboots when the status bar gets to 51-53% on the "Aquiring information from Satelite" screen.

If I push the Tivo button on the remote or box I am able to go into the recorded shows area and watch them (can't now because the box won't let ne due to the fact I turned off service to that box and the channels aren't in the programming lineup - I guess).

I don't know what the problem is, I think it may be the drive(s) in the unit. If someone knew for sure that would be great.

Now I would like to know how I can put two (2) 200gb WD drives in this unit. And if my drive is bad how do I get the tivo image to put on the new drives? What software do I need and how do I use it? How do I save the shows I have recorded on the drive(s) in the unit now?

I have been looking on here, but I get overloaded with information, and loose track of the objective. Yeah there is much I found on here I would like to do, but I need to get my d'tivo working first.

I really need help.

Thank you.

A really strange thing

A really strange thing happened.

After I typed the last posting I wanted to make sure what I remembered was right (should have done this before posting the message), so I plugged in the T60 and sure enough it was still happening the way I remembered.

Right about then I got a phone call; after the call I came back here to see if anyone had replied (but no one had), so about 40 minutes later I walked back into the living room and I saw a message on the screen telling me to call 721. WHAT!? was my baby working again? So I checked the whole system out and it was back! SO I called DTV and had them reinstate the card and Poof!

I don't know what happened but I am happy!!

No I want to move to a larger drive and maybe add some functionality. Can someone please contact me, I still need help.


Buy instant cake for series 1

Buy instant cake for series 1 directivo( its the only way to go for upgrades and networking. "It is the shiz-nik"

Can I use instant cake

Can I use instant cake without my current tivo hd?

oh One more thing... What is

oh One more thing... What is superpatched and tivo desktop?

Your problem is that you have

Your problem is that you have a hard drive over 137gig and you were hit with the latest software upgrade ver 3.5 (just like everyone else). It doesn't recognize the LBA48 kernel which is a hack that allowed the system to see a drive over 137gig. I can't tell you how to fix it, as I am still trying to find out myself. PTVupgrade has an experimental update available, but I can't find out explicit instructions on how to apply it, so for the moment, I'm out of luck and can't help you much further. I don't know if this link will work, but if you go here, you can read about it. Good luck!

No my system software isn't

No my system software isn't at 3.5, I don't have the box plugged in to a phone line. My software is still at 2.52-01-1-011

When I bought it (ebay) it said lifetime, and when i got it there were instructions saying I didn't have to connect it to a phone, so I never ran a line in the room for it.

What i know about this tivo box couldn't eve fit into a thimble.

This is why I need help.