"Show Off Your Playground" - The Badass Official Contest Thread

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"Show Off Your Playground" - The Badass Official Contest Thread

Show Off Your Monster Playground and Win!

Got a huge, monster, and elaborate system? This is the place for you!

To Enter:

All you have to do is take a few photos of your home theater system, and post them the thread below. You'll get a chance to win a cool teeshirt from DVRplayground.com.

Winners in each category will be entered into our random drawing for one of two great prizes.

Enter multiple categories by posting your pic in the categories you wish to enter. Though you can enter multiple times, you can only win one of them.

To post your pics:

Click the insert/edit image button and add a link to the picture on Flickr, or any other photo hosting site. Or, click the little box next to the URL filed, click the browse button and navigate to the photo on your local machine, and upload. Click your uploaded pic and insert it into your post.

For full rules and contest details, click here.

Alright, I'm not eligible to

Alright, I'm not eligible to win, but I'm happy to get this kicked off. So here's my system... I'm not sure it should qualify as "state of the art" (you can't be state of the art with a CRT rear pro), but it certainly is a monster system with some nice components.

Here's a pic:

Here's a quick skinny on what it has

  • 55" HD CRT rear pro
  • M&K S-150 home surround sound with MX-350 subwoofer.
  • Denon AVR-5803 receiver
  • HD Cable DVR
  • Mitsubshi HSU-795 S-VHS VCR 
  • Replay TV
  • DVD
  • Integra 6-Disc CD Changer 
  • MiniDisc Deck
  • Psyclone 4 Port HD Component video switch
  • Media Center PC
  • Powered AM/FM antenna
  • GameCube
  • XBOX
  • XBOX 360
  • PS2
  • Component style power protector

What do you have?

Ok, here's mine.

Ok, here's mine.

I must not be a very good photographer. The side speakers look crooked in the photo, but rest assured they are not.

Here's what is shown.

In the TV stand:

  • Tivo Series 3
  • GoVideo Networked DVD player
  • Slingbox Pro
  • Bunch of DVDs :)

Stacked on the Sub woofer waiting for me to test,  play with or setup.

  • Another Slingbox Pro
  • Slinglink Turbo 4 port
  • Xbox
  • Axim 51v

On top of right speaker. Linksys WRT54G, running DD-WRT and communicating to 3 other WRT's and 2 wireless machines.

So, where's the receiver/amplifier???
Simple they are in another room.  I have a remote control extender repeater that I use a Harmony 880 remote with to control everything.

In the other room, I have:

I think that's it for this setup.