"Show Off Your Playground" - The Coolest Official Contest Thread

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"Show Off Your Playground" - The Coolest Official Contest Thread

Show Off Your Cool Playground and Win!

Got a unique, glitzy, or really state of the art system? This is the place for you!

To Enter:

All you have to do is take a few photos of your home theater system, and post them the thread below. You'll get a chance to win a cool teeshirt from DVRplayground.com.

Winners in each category will be entered into our random drawing for one of two great prizes.

Enter multiple categories by posting your pic in the categories you wish to enter. Though you can enter multiple times, you can only win one of them.

To post your pics:

Click the insert/edit image button and add a link to the picture on Flickr, or any other photo hosting site. Or, click the little box next to the URL filed, click the browse button and navigate to the photo on your local machine, and upload. Click your uploaded pic and insert it into your post.

For full rules and contest details, click here.

I don't know how "cool" it is

I don't know how "cool" it is, but everything's brand new, including the entertainmnet center it sits in.  It's simple; I'll call it elegant.  I'm a Samsung fan, so BOTH components are Samsung, and all the cables and power are Monster Cable.

Whole Entertainment Center

Closer Up Shot

  • TV: Samsung HL-T5089S Slim DLP (product info)
  • Service: Comcast Digital Cable, with local OTA HD
  • DVD/VCR Combo: Samsung DVD-V9700 upconverted DVD/VHS combo (product info)
  • Power: Home Theater PowerCenter™ HTS 1000 MKII with Clean Power™ Stage 2 (product info)
  • Interconnect: Component video / RCA audio (connection guide)

I thought about filing under "Retro", but it's not that the components are old, it's that the system is simple and straight-forward.   One remote, HD, all I need.

My name is Paul, and I am a

My name is Paul, and I am a junior electrical/computer engineering student at Mizzou. I am an R.A. in the dorms and therefore have an entire dorm room to myself. What to do with all that space? Home theater....


TV: Sanyo 1080i 32" CRT Widescreen

Service: Standard Cable (No HD in the dorms)

Sound: Yamaha RXV4200 Processor/PreAmp

Yamaha M65 2 Channel Amp (Subs)

2 Yamaha M50 2 Channel Amps (Fronts/Center)


The Fronts were home built 3way design built on Dayton Drivers

The Center is also home built but is a 2way 3 foot Linearray with Onko & Dayton Drivers


The rears are also a home built 2way design built with the same Tweeter/Woofer as the Fronts


The Subs are twin DIY 7foot folded horn with a 14"x14" exit point (Tuned to 32Hz) They are each powered by dual 8" MCM drivers


Other Gear: Sony Up-Converting DVD Player

Sony DVD Audio/SACD Player


2 15 Band Stereo EQ/Crossovers

Dang, some one give me a

Dang, some one give me a napkin to whipe the drool off!