"Show Off Your Playground" - Smallest Playground Official Contest Thread

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"Show Off Your Playground" - Smallest Playground Official Contest Thread

Show Off Your Tiny Playground and Win!

Got a small, dinky, or miniscule system? This is the place for you!

To Enter:

All you have to do is take a few photos of your home theater system, and post them the thread below. You'll get a chance to win a cool teeshirt from DVRplayground.com.

Winners in each category will be entered into our random drawing for one of two great prizes.

Enter multiple categories by posting your pic in the categories you wish to enter. Though you can enter multiple times, you can only win one of them.

To post your pics:

Click the insert/edit image button and add a link to the picture on Flickr, or any other photo hosting site. Or, click the little box next to the URL filed, click the browse button and navigate to the photo on your local machine, and upload. Click your uploaded pic and insert it into your post.

For full rules and contest details, click here

So I've showed off my badass

So I've showed off my badass system now here's the dainty thing I put together in our basement comprised of all used/cheap components. I consider a system to have a TV, external audio, and a source signal. This at least has that.

Here's a pic:


Not much to look at here:

  • RCA TV 25" (Got free from an old friend who upgraded)
  • 2.1 PC powered speaker system (3 bucks at a garage sale)
  • Off brand DVD player (got free with a Monster cable purchase)
  • Hitachi Hi-Fi VCR (Got for 5 bucks at a garage sale)
  • 4 port Composite video switch (10 bucks online)

It may be dainty, but it's complete. The speakers sound terrible, but better than what's in the TV. With the VCR, I can watch cable TV with the external speakers.

The TV is meh, and has seen better days, but is calibrated to look as good as possible. The DVD player does play DVDs... and that's about it. The VCR needs a good cleaning (a recent acquisition), but does work okay.

Not bad for less than 20 bucks.

What's yours like? 

Smallest, that one is easy.

Smallest, that one is easy.

Slinging my TV on my laptop.