Simple DVR for senior citizen

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Simple DVR for senior citizen

My sisters and I are looking for a simple, no-frills, no-subscription DVR for our dad. He's used to VCRs, and now all the VCRs are comboed with DVDs.

The VCR / DVD combo and remote with too many buttons are too confusing to him. He's bought a few already and hasn't used any of them. The only things that have ever been recorded are when we're walking him through the process.

We're looking for something that he can easily record, either 'right now' or program for future recording. No bells, whistles, or gadgets.

He does not have cable or satellite service, he only has analog / antenna signals.

Any suggestions? At this point, we're ready to go to second-hand stores and find VCRs, hoping they're still in relatively good shape Frown

Thanks for the help!