Streaming from PC to TV

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I have a DTivo2 with Ptv upgrade. I have been successful extracting to PC with ty tools. The question I have is this. I have a device that connects to my network and to the av system in my house. It is hauppagge Media mvp. The device will play video, pictures and music through the av system. Some of the video files will play with audio just fine. Some, and I think I've narrowed it down to videos with surround sound, will play with video but no audio. From the research I have done into ty tools, ty tools converts the audio to .AC3? which is not supported by the hauppage device. I came across this thing at Radio shack for 35.00 on clearance and figured why not. Are there other devices that anyone knows of that can accomplish the same thing but support the playing of these files. As an example, "Every which way but loose" (from the 80's) plays both the audio and video, but "Walk the Line", only the video plays. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.