TiVo Launches Series3 DVR

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TiVo Launches Series3 DVR

TiVo started selling its latest digital video recorder which is capable of displaying high-resolution TV signals, as the recording technology company seeks new subscribers among buyers of premium home theater systems.

TiVo, whose service remains popular despite tough competition from far larger cable and satellite providers, said its Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder will be available on the company's Web site this week and in some electronics stores later this month.

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If you're interested in

If you're interested in seeing a list of some of the cool features on this new box, check out the posting at Gizmos for Geeks.

According to HDBeat, if you

According to HDBeat, if you want a TiVo Series3 DVR soon, you better not order one from the TiVo online store or you may be waiting a while for your new toy.  When HDBeat first ordered the TiVo Series3 15 minutes after the unveil, they could choose either 1-2 day shipping.  Now the site (one week later) says it'll be 5-7 days shipping and everyone that ordered one received an email after day 3 saying there was a delay.

Nothing hurts worse than being an early adopter and having people get the toy before you!

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