Tivo will not Boot Help

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Tivo will not Boot Help

Did an add on drive and now my Directv Tivo will not boot

Used MFS Tools 2.0 to do the add on.Did everything by the book.

Now I think I killed my Tivo drive.

Any help would be great

What did you do for the

What did you do for the upgrade, commands, how did you boot?

Did you move the jumper on your original drive to master instead of cable select, which I believe is the default.

Make sure you didn't move the cable of death in the front of the unit (thin ribbon cable) that runs from the front panel to the motherboard.

If you have a series1, there is also a smaller ribbon cable that runs under the drive tray from the motherboard to the power supply.  If you have a series2 it runs the same way, just larger.  Make sure either of the cables isn't damaged and fully plugged in.

When you say doesn't boot, do you mean stuck on Welcoming powering up?

Give us as many details as possible. 

I am stuck on the Wecome

I am stuck on the Wecome powering up.

I have a series1.

The command line I used was mfsadd -x

The way I did the setup was CD drive as master on IDE1 & IDE2

Tivo drive as master & the add on drive as slave.

After reading your input the one thing I did not do was change

the jumpers on the 2 drives I left them on cable select. Also I

noticed that the connector on the ribbon to the motherboard was broken

on one end. I have since changed that out. Could I have lost my Tivo drive

by doing this?

you may have corrupted your

you may have corrupted your original drive as you didn't even need to remove it from you system. You also might have done absolutely nothing to it as the proper command for mfsadd is mfsadd -x /dev/hdc /dev/hdd
All you had to do was put the new drive in without a jumper on it (slave typically) on the secondary IDE chain and type

BlessTiVo /dev/hdd

if you have a series1 standalone, boot noswap
if you have a series1 dtivo w/ 3.5 boot lba48
if you have a series1 dtivo w/ 3.10c2 or less boot swap

I would take out the secondary drive and try booting just your original drive first, set it to master while you are at it. Then, try adding in the add-on drive after you perform the above commands on it.

After I changed the jumpers

After I changed the jumpers the system did boot & made a phone call that brought it all back. It works fine now. I still have all the shows I had recorded. It even shows the larger recording capacity. I would like to get a larger hard drive and transfer it all on one drive. I did the add on just to hold me over until I found a larger drive. What is the simpliest way to do this? Also how would I divorce the drives when I am ready to switch. I have read this but not seen anything on how to do it. Also when I did the marriage of the two drives it show about 100 hours of record time. When I check system info it states about 90 hours. Did I do something wrong? Thanks for all the help.

what size drive did you add

what size drive did you add to it? 

Those drive are married, don't believe you'll be able to remove them and transferring to another drive may be impossible.  You might try using mfsbackup -Tao - /dev/hdx  /dev/hdx | restore -s 127 -r4 -zi - /dev/hdx

sync and then trying mfsadd -x /dev/hdx /dev/hdx

x=whatever drive

however, it may or maynot work.

I put a 60GB drive in. The

I put a 60GB drive in. The original drive is a 40GB