TivoTool 0.6.0 for Mac OS X released

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TivoTool 0.6.0 for Mac OS X released

The developer of TivoTool for Mac OS X just announced the release of the newest version of this great piece of software.

Get it from http://tivotool.com/
New Features
  • Download Scheduler
    • Automatically download your favorite recordings!
    • Recordings ready for you when you wake up - or whenever you choose.
    • In a variety of formats...
    • Uses UNIX standard cron daemon for rock-solid reliability.

  • TivoServer GUI
    • If your Tivo has Multi-Room Viewing (MRV), you can transfer files from your Mac.
    • Allows you to transfer AVI, MP4, MPG and more to your Tivo!
    • TivoServer daemon will continue running even with TivoTool closed.
    • You need to be using the "superpatch" or equivalent on your tivo.

  • Stream Seek
    • Jump right to the end of a recording, back to the beginning or anywhere in-between!
    • You can still use left and right arrow keys for small jumps, but now seek as far as you want with the drag of a slider.
    • Accompanying interface allows you to pause video and see the current time and position. Expect more functions here in the next version.
    • May not be compatible with all Tivo types.

Other New Features

  • Delete recordings.
  • Recording inspector - get detailed information about a recording including XML data.
  • Auto-detect vserver on network (works on all models).
  • All download dialogs have been updated with more information.
  • Alternate mpeg2 and vob formats. Choose these if you have problems with the normal formats.
  • List sorting faster and better with dates.
  • Refresh listings on start
  • Graphical toolbar.
  • Complete code rewrite over 0.5.x. Code has been modularized and given a more object-oriented approach.

Okay so I got TivowebPlus

Okay so I got TivowebPlus installed by ptvupgrade

I have ftp access. I'm running OS X 10.4.7.
I have a HD DirectTivo running 3.1.5f and kernel 2.4.20
I downloaded Tivotools. (0.6.0 doesn't work by the way) (0.5.7 does)
Now please.. what do I need to do to make all this work. Can someone send me towards a up to date OS X/Tivotools guide ?
I know I need to install vserver (which I do but nothing happens), I guess I can't get it to launch.
I know I need superpatch but don't know how to use it. Do I also need s2_unscramble ?

Can someone please help me ? I know I'm not that far away...