Upgrade Software and Hardware Requirements

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Upgrade Software and Hardware Requirements

I currently own the Philips DSR704 with system version (6.2-01-2-301). My goal is to replace original Tivo drive with a new unformatted Seagate 200gb IDE drive and have the ability to use the usb ports for network communication between my PC and the DSR704. I believe the software necessary to accomplish this task is "Instant Cake" and "PTVnet CD". My understanding that after the hardware connections are made as instructed that I would boot from the PTVnet CD first. I would appreciate an answer to the following questions based on my goal and understanding of how to accomplish this:

1.      Can I achieve my goal using Instant Cake and PTVnet CD’s?

2.      Is my understanding correct that the PTVnet CD is booted from first?

3.      There are 2 usb ports so can I use either one of them for the network connection?

4.      Do I plug a usb to RJ-45 adapter into the Philips usb ports and run a network cable to my router?

Answers to any of the above questions would be very much appreciated because it will help build the confidence I need to tackle this task. I also need to purchase the correct tools to accomplish the task.