What DVR should I buy on E-bay before DIY upgrading?

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What DVR should I buy on E-bay before DIY upgrading?

I have complacently had DirecTV service for years with only a VCR/DVD player. I have a great analog TV monitor and no plans to upgrade to a digital TV. I've never had or used a DVR.

After I buy one, I expect I'll want to increase the drive size using an old spare hard drive and access it via static IP on my domain. The InstantCake and PTVnet CDs seem straight forward enough.

I've read nothing but bad opinions about DirecTV's current DVR service and hardware. I am also not excited about leasing their box for an additional 2 year programming commitment, even if they do give the box free after a $99 rebate.

What model DVR/Tivo should I buy on E-bay before DIY upgrading? Will the Tivo boxes continue to work with DirecTV's $6 per month service? What are the differences among brands and models that make one better than another?

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You could read my signature for a few. ;) I just did a search on eBay for "Samsung TiVo," and many like mine came up. Note that the SIR-S4040, 4080, and 4120 would all use the same InstantCake (and PTVNet) image; their only differences are in the included hard disk sizes. The Philips in my signature was from the [expired] "DVR4ME" promo, which I got for $16 shipping from DirecTV (the R15 was a free "bonus" from the installer who came out). Note that the DSR704 can be purchased from PTVUpgrade.

Don't get an R10 (it's not easily hackable), or any "R" after that (the R15 is not a TiVo).

Keep in mind that some of the units on eBay don't have access cards, and reps are usually not willing to let you use one from another unit. Even if a used one comes with an access card, it may have $100 of unpaid PPV movies on it. DirecTV will usually give you free programming and/or a discount on your bill if you have to swap access cards (they did both when I had to get an access card for one of my Samsungs).