"CLEAR AND DELETE" process directly after imaging using Instantcakes?

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"CLEAR AND DELETE" process directly after imaging using Instantcakes?

Avoiding the "CLEAR AND DELETE" process directly after imaging using Instantcakes?

I have a valid question.

        I have a couple of friends who know I'm handy with the operation of the Instantcakes cd and would like me to upgrade a couple of Directivo dvr's for them, but I have a question that's been eating at me for some time now. Incidently... I love your product. It saves me soooo much time!

I have a Directivo HR10-250 HD unit. After running Instantcakes and finishing with a wonderfully operational new upgraded hard drive for my Directivo unit, I must run the "clear and delete" operation so that it runs freshly with my particular unit (of course as per your instructions).

As you may well be aware of, the time that it takes to actually complete a "clear and delete everything" process takes upwards of 3 hours to complete, at least with the Directivo HR10-250 model. Oh... Mama Mia...  Now my question set-up is complete, here is my question:

Is there any type of software cd or any program anywhere (be it some variation of Mfstools etc) that I can run immediately after completing the imaging process with the Instantcakes software cd that can convert the just completed Directivo drive back to the BOX-STOCK condition that the "clear and delete everything" process does? I am not looking forward to hanging around my buddies house just to wait for the painstakingly long "clear and delete" process finishes for him. I would like to leave him with a box stock drive that is - ready to begin - and after initial boot-up,  starting at the user setup screen.

                                   Thank you once again for your wonderful product!