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I was curious if anybody else has tried IPTV from AT&T and MobiTV.  I tried the free 14 day trial but didn't ontinue.

I love the idea of getting all my cable channels anywhere I have internet (especially with IPOD, especially with the new IPOD Touch but so far its only 30 channels and no locals.

Just curious if other DVR folk are playing with this.

BTW, this is apparently the same TV you get at AT&T hot spots and they plan to eventually be a Comcast/DirecTV alternative.

Here's an article on it

Vicki Schmitz said: Ma Bell

Vicki Schmitz said: Ma Bell fingers are reaching for everyone's pies, aren't they? Wink I haven't tried it out but I don't have AT&T for my cable, just for my VOIP. It looks pretty cool though. If you're interested, you should write a review on the service and submit it as an article. I'd love to hear what your experiences were with it.

I may do that. Its not actually dependent on who your internet service proivider is. Its works fine with Comcast or anybody else.

There was a 5 page article on the guys who invented this in Time magazine - apparently they were sitting around in a hot tub in California and somebody said wouldn't it be cool if you could get your regular TV anywhere without special equipment. They started a company and got Sprint involved so you can view Tv on your cellphone and then AT&T so you can use any internet connection and any PC.

But they need more channels and a recording option before I could give up my DirecTV addiction.

 I'll look at the other reviews on the site to see what is involved. Thanks,


Edit to add Time Magazine link:

Vicki Schmitz said: Ma Bell

Vicki Schmitz said: Ma Bell fingers are reaching for everyone's pies, aren't they? 

On Ma Bell, the comparison with Viacom comes to mind.  CBS spins off their cable unit. Freed from CBS oversight Viacom becomes so successful they are able to buy CBS.  Likewise this is almost not the real AT&T but the one of the seven spun off Bell operating companies freed from AT&T's bureaucratic legacy and competing so well in the market place they are able to buy AT&T and assume the name.

Capitalism may be messy but it sure does produce "best of breed" companies.  And more channels and more toys!