Get signal to remote TVs

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Get signal to remote TVs

Not sure if this is the right section.

When I had DISH I had 2 DVRs. One output to chan 3 and the other to chan 4. Used a combining box to inject the signals onto the house coax. This allowed any TV to watch any DVR and if all TVs were on the show being displayed was synced.

Moved to FIOS with 2 DVRs and one STB. Each device is attached to 1 TV. There is no way to watch a show (live or recorded) on all 3 TVs simultaneously and have them synced.

I am thinking of moving to FIOS Quantum which would be 1 DVR that records 6 shows simultaneously. I need a way to get live and recorded programs to the 2 remote TVs.

As far as I know there 3 ways.

Very long HDMI cable runs. Not feasible.

There are devices that run HDMI over a CAT cable but the cable has to be dedicated to the purpose. Will not work over the computer LAN in the house.

There are transmitter/receiver devices that work over 'short' distances. I think these are my best bet. The question is image quality.