Can a Series 3 Tivo or a Tivo HD record programs at ALL if you're NOT paying a monthlyfee?

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 OK I need to know the following:

Can a Series 3 Tivo or a Tivo HD record programs at ALL if you're NOT paying the monthly service fee?

I don't know anything about what exactly you can do with the Series 3 or the Tivo HD without paying the monthly fee.

 Can you record programs at all doing that? (by setting up the recordings manually; specifiying a start/stop time for each program)

oh and BTW does the Tivo HD have Composite video (yellow plug only) AND RF (like a Coaxial post) output? or ONLY High Definition type outputs? 


I don't believe Series 3 Tivo

I don't believe Series 3 Tivo's can do anything without the subscription.  Check out this thread.

I can personally confirm that

I can personally confirm that the series 3 tivo disables most of its features once the subscription has been cancelled.

I had heard that earlier models would allow continued functionality, so I gave it a go. (My local Costco has an unlimited return policy, so I had nothing to lose.)  Right before the 60-day free trial period was up, I called tivo to cancel the service.  I even set my firewall to block outside internet access so the tivo box wouldn't know.

After 2 weeks, the box started warning me that the program guide was out of programs, but continued to function as normal.  After 30 days, the box reported that the subscription was no longer in good standing, and would no longer allow recording of programs (even manual ones, or those by pressing the "record" button).  Access to my computer was also completely cutoff and I no longer could see or transfer files in either direction with my pc.  Worse, every time I would change channels I would get a full-screen message that would last some seconds telling me that there was no subscription.  The box WOULD allow me to pause and rewind live tv, but that is about all it would allow.

Another thing I discovered... After a power failure some days after the tivo box stopped working for me, the software/firmware appeared to have been reset back to the one that came with the box.  For the software upgrade (which includes tivo2go, for example), a subscription would also be required.

 I continue to search for a DVR that functions like my VCR.  I want a box that will record programs (HD please) that I tell it to (i.e. Monday, 8pm, channel XXX-X), allows me to xfer to/from a pc, and absolutely MUST NOT have any monthly subscription or program guide.

All TiVos require

All TiVos require subscription.

 The only TiVos that don't disable functionality when you don't subscribe are the very first models - the Series 1 TiVos.  Even so, there are some Series 1 TiVos that don't work (notably the ones that came with software 2.0).

I have about 20 Tivos, and

I have about 20 Tivos, and the Series 2 tivos will allow you to schedule a manual recording even though the system does not have service, but you can't use the 'record' button on the remote, or it will lock up and U will have to reboot the machine.
But they will only do that if they did have service at one time, and they haven't been allowed to connect to the Tivo 'mother ship' by phone or internet before the service lapsed. It the tivo connects to Tivo Central, then Tivo shuts the box down and it will only do time shifting.
Or you can buy a used Tivo on craigslist or ebay for about $120 that has lifetime service and U don't have to pay anymore. Or U can go to the thrift stores and look for a tivo that has lifetime. They sell them for about $20. U do have to go to the info page on the tivo after hooking them up and see if it has lifetime.
If it doesn't have life time service, U can't connect to Tivo central to have the clock corrected or get the lastest software, without turning off the ability for your tivo to act like a VCR.

I am using a Tivo HD without

I am using a Tivo HD without a subscription and have been doing so for 4 months without any issues. I use it to record programs by date and time (Tivo Central/Find Programs/Record by Date or Time). I see a nag screen every time I change the channel in lieu of the normal program information . I bought the unit used and connected it to the Tivo service on the previous owner's account one time to get it started (but I don't believe that was even necessary). After the unit was set up I disconnected the phone line and NEVER connected it again. It's set up to record some programs every day and others once a week. It works like a charm, the only thing missing is the program information.

I know a little.

I know a little.