Connect TiVo directly to PC via Ethernet

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Connect TiVo directly to PC via Ethernet

I have a TiVo Series II DT. Transferring shows with TiVo Desktop 2.8 via my wireless 802.11g network is painfully slow. However, the TiVo & PC are not in the same room as the router so I am not able to connect each to the router via ethernet (not about to start running cables through the walls!). However, the TiVo & the PC ARE only two feet from each other so I am going to connect them DIRECTLY via ethernet cable.

I am not a networking or TCP/IP expert but I can get by if pointed in the right direction. Would someone be kind enough to post detailed instructions for connecting the TiVo Series II DT directly to a Vista (Ultimate) PC so that I can use TiVo Desktop 2.8 to transfer recorded shows FROM the TiVo TO the PC. (Note: I still have other machines that will continue to perform smaller transfers via the wireless network so I need to make sure that this new connection does not interfere with that process. I just need this ONE PC to have the fastest connection possible since it is my media server hooked up to my flat screen.)

Thank you for your assistance! 

Not certain if the OP found

Not certain if the OP found his answer.

I use an ASUS netbook (XP) and connect directly into the router.

Tivo Desktop sees the Tivo, and it's download time!