Need help with PTVnet USB access

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Need help with PTVnet USB access

Updated with correct USB adapter models !!! Please tell me if these are supported or where I can find the latest list of supported USB adapters.  ================================

I rebuilt my 2 120GB Quantum drives with IntantCake after problem with power supply and Tivo came back to lilfe.

I used a PC power supply to power the drives and left original power supply in place.  Rebuilt drives which came up without a problem.  Then purchased the PTVnet and run on the same drives, selected the USB 2.0 option and then tried to connect but no luck.

I used a Belkin model FSD7050 Wireless G USB Network Adapter and a Linksys model WUSB54GV2  Wireless-g Network Adapter but no luck.

I removed WEP encryption from the wireless setup on the router, added MAC address to router, then I tried adding a static reservation address for each MAC address of the 2 USB G wireless devices but nothing.  I even tried plugging both USB devices at the same time, but nothing.  I rebooted after each attempt.

Tivo is behaving as if there is not network USB support.

Can you help me identify if my 6.2 software sees the USB port?

I remember reading a long time ago about a phone line setup with a "#,104" or something like that to force it to make the call on IP.

My config on the PC was CD Rom on primary bus and 2 drives on secondary bus Master and Slave hdc and hdd.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

oh capacity says "Variable, up to 231 Hours"


1. PTVnet does not support

1. PTVnet does not support the use of wireless adapters.

2. 6.2/6.2a will support some wireless B adapters using something such as "The Zipper." Wireless G adapters will not work at all with 6.2/6.2a (or any prior software version).

3. 6.3e should support a handful of wireless G adapters, but I can't confirm this personally, as I will not be updating any of my SD DirecTiVos to 6.3e, as I would lose MRV functionality. I know for a fact that 6.3e for the HR10-250 supports a handful of wireless G adapters.