Problems with InstantCake for TCD24004A Please help :)

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Problems with InstantCake for TCD24004A Please help :)

Hi all,

So my hard drive in my Tivo Series 2 TCD24004A bit the dust. 

I purchase Instant Cake for that model and all seemed to be okay.  It booted up to the main menu (I did not see the little Tivo jumping around guy intro video that normal comes on) but none the less it went to the main menu.

The problem starts and ends here.  It will not recognize my remote.  I verified the remote was working, used a different remote as well, tried a different IR receiver from another unit, I also hooked up my original IR receiver to another unit and that worked fine.  So I can confirm both the IR receiver and the Remote are working.  However it is not working on the box that I repaired with instant cake.  Any ideas?  Could I have gotten the wrong software?  Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated.  Thanks!