Simple question, I hope . .

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Simple question, I hope . .

I've had a S2 Tivo for some time, but only want to use it like an old VCR for recording over the air broadcasts.  When I bought it the salesman ( who wanted the sale ) said sure, I could do that.  Not mentioning that there was a HUGE fee to subscribe to Tivo. . .  I don't need to pay $12 a month for a TV Guide.  By NOT subscribing my Tivo refuses to work . . .  Is there a way to bypass the subscription and just record programs over the air  ? 

Thanks in advance for any help.



So you want help stealing a

So you want help stealing a service? I have had a couple of DirecTiVos currently have a new TiVo Premiere w/lifetime service its worth it.

Which is the correct TIVO

Which is the correct TIVO remote to replace my old series 2 remote