1 line into dvr but need dual capabilities.. more complex then basic changes

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1 line into dvr but need dual capabilities.. more complex then basic changes

Hi guys,

About 6 months ago i talked my father into changing from cablevision to directv. When the installer came to the house there were a few reasons (mostly our reasons not installer) that he had to use the existing lines that the cable company had hooked up to connect to 2 of the tvs in the house. Im not sure but possibly 1 of those lines was ran into the receiver Im referring to in this thread.. This was a standard receiver from directv... Well for Christmas I bought my father a directv non HD dvr for his "man cave". Basically the setup is there are 5 receivers hooked up throughout the house. The 1 in my room from day 1 was an HD DVR. This has 2 lines going into it from the dish on the roof. That dish has 2 lines also running directly into the basement where it hits the mini multi switch. Heres where the problem begins. The line running from the output of the switch going into my fathers man cave is in a spot where only 1 line can fit. Meaning I cannot just run another line from the switch into the back of his dvr and have the dual input so he can record something and watch something else at the same time. However, I do have an old wide band 6x8 multi switch not hooked up to anything. 

With the line entering the new dvr in the man cave, can I unhook it from the dvr, then hook it up to the extra multi switch, and run 1 or 2 lines into his dvr? I understand there are settings in the satellite setup that need to be changed. But its my understanding as well that if its an old cable line then the 1 line coming into his dvr wont hold that "dual functionality" as the new cables do. I checked my settings in my room and according to that, the dish is a slimline -3. His also is listed as the same. (I guess that would be obvious since where in the same house?) 

With all this info, what can i do besides having directv come out and do there thing? Do I need a second line running into his dvr or can i change the tuner settings in setup to the way they should be? If so, what is the way they should be? Or can I hook the multi switch up literally right before his dvr and have the outputs running from the switch into his dvr? The outputs of the extra multiswitch have 8 ports. All labeled Out1, Out 2, Out 3, etc... But the inputs read exactly in this order from left to right...  18V, 13V, 18V, 13V, flexport1, flexport2. ... If I can use this switch so he can use the dvr to its fullest, which input should I use? Which outputs should I use? Do I only use 1 output? And if I added the switch would I then have to change the settings within the dvr's system setup?

I know it sounds like I shouldnt be touching any settings.. But Im not as bad as this thread makes me sound, lol. So before making an appointment with Directv, I would really like to try and get this going for him. There phone support have not really had any help for me.

Thank you guys..


 1 last thing Im sorry I wasnt clear... I meant i cannot run 2 lines from the basement to his mancave. However inside the mancave where the 1 line comes out of the wall, that is where i have enough room to do whatever I need to do with or without extra multiswitch. Thanks again everyone.