DirecTV R10 freezes on software install

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DirecTV R10 freezes on software install

I did a dial in to get the daylight savings time update on my R10.  After that, it had to reboot and now is stcuk on a screen that says "Installing software update, this may take a few minutes."  It stays there indefinitely - overnight, 18+ hours. 

 DirecTV sent me a new R15 and besides the fact that it has hard drive problems and they have to send me a 2nd new R15, I HATE IT.

Is there anyway to restore the R10 to factory settings on the reboot?  I can't even get to a menu at all, and the box is unresponsive in the frozen update screen. 

Any help, even advanced tinkering, would be appreciated.  I can't imagine having to live with the R15.