Directv tivo HDVR2 suck on "clearing data"

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Directv tivo HDVR2 suck on "clearing data"

I had my messages fill up and "freeze" the unit while trying to read them.  Per the direct tv troubleshooting people I did the "total clear" of the drive - after letting it sit for about 24 hours, I unplugged it.  Direct Tv replaced this unit with a R-15 which is junk and is trying to replace it with another R-15.  

I want to reimage the drive but googling returns a slew of answers I've yet to find the right one, most point towards replacement drives (which I'm not opposed to, but i want to reimage this one before I drop the $$ for a new drive).  I have another Direct tv Tivo but it's a samsung, is the base tivo software the same?  


Thanks in advance for a kick in the right direction.  


I would take a look at

I would take a look at InstantCake:

It sounds like it would be a good option for you, you could reimage your existing drive with it, then down the road could image a brand new drive with the same CD.

Please note that the software is NOT the same for the 2 TiVos you are talking about, you'll run into problems if you try to use the same image for your 2 different TiVos.

Hopefully that helps Stu, repost if you still have questions!