DVR Cuts Off Shows

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DVR Cuts Off Shows

I have Time Warner's HD DVR service, and I have a rather annoying problem.  The machine always cuts off the the last minute or so of every show I record.  Why does this happen, and is there anything I can do to fix it?

I have the same problem. I

I have the same problem. I haven't found a permanent solution to this, but if you select

Ironically, it looks like my

Ironically, it looks like my last post was cut off. When you press record select "record show with options" or "record series with options" and it will allow you to adjust the start and end times.

I've found that you can also

I've found that you can also change these settings by pressing "list," selecting "series manager" and then changing the start and end timed for each series.

Actually, the problem is a

Actually, the problem is a really simple one that I'd THINK could be easily resolved by a TWC firmware update. If the recording could just end at the BOTTOM of the minute, instead of at the TOP, the majority of shows would be recorded in their entirety. In other words, stop recording at (as an example) 10:00:59 instead of 10:00:00. That's it.

Too many times, adding an additional minute to a recording time produces a conflict with other recordings set to start on time, and you wind up in a conceptual hell of TV priorities. If you could just set the DVR for an additional 59 seconds, that would solve everything. Ideally, TWC should fix it on their end, so that every single recording wouldn't necessitate customization.