Goofed Big Time - messed up file

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Goofed Big Time - messed up file

Hey there.  I'm really hoping someone out there can help with this extremely technical problem for which I have no idea where to begin.  I'm a newbie, but I've been learning a lot, and quickly.  So any advice you have will be greatly appreciated.

 My Tivo is hacked with PTVNet.  All was running fine, and I was installing other hacks manually.  One of the hacks said to edit the file, so I did.  This is my BIG mistake.  The hack worked and all was good, until the power went out and the TIVO rebooted (I have two w/the same problem).  When it rebooted it no longer was accessible via TivoWebPlus, telnet or FTP.  The two of them could see eachother fine because I Superpatched them... But nothing more.


I reinstalled the InstantCake and PTVNet.  Nothing changed.  I serial booted and TeraTermed in to the drive to delete the existing files from both the PTVUPGRADE and ETC directories and redid the install again hoping it would write new files and it did....  But still nothing.  I get the following message: Input/output error. 


And this brings you all to where my knowledge ends - not bad for knowing nothing when I embarked on this 3 months ago, but pathetically lost.  Anyone know what to do now?


Thank you!