Help with HR10-250

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Help with HR10-250

So, my hr10-250 freaked out. the lights were flashing randomly and i couldnt view any programming....Directv sent me a new hr10-250 and i tried to just swap out the hard drive that I had in the broken one - that didnt work tho

I originally used instant cake and ptvnet to setup the drive and the unit had been working fone for like 6 months. then this happened.

I put the old drive in the new unit and everything worked as far as watching tv but when I try to go to 'list' to see my recordings I get error#51 which is something about an invalid hard drive...

Do i need to resetup the drive using the ptvnet and instant cake I used 6 months ago or do I need a newer version...or is there another way to fix? I'd like to not lose my recordings but honestly it doesnt really matter.


You need to do a 'clear and

You need to do a 'clear and delete everything' to make the error #51 go away.  You will lose your recordings and settings.  If PTVnet was installed on the drive, it should still work fine...