HELP with my HDR 612 Dual Drive Original!!!

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HELP with my HDR 612 Dual Drive Original!!!

I am so confused, even though I make a living repairing computers, and in Networking.  Problem: I got the cake CD booting, system seeing all drives.. CDrom on Primary Slave... New 250GB WD on Primary Master, Original Adrive on Secondary Master and Original Bdrive on Secondary Slave.

I get to the point of hitting Enter and I chicken out.

Do I need to use the original drives at all? they have version 3.0. ...

Do I use only the A drive?

If I use both how do I use them , because there seems to be some confusion in my head about what Instantcake calls the Tivo Drive..

I wish the terms used were New Tivo target drive, and Original Drive A and Original Drive B...

I simply want to replace both originals with ONE 250GB and be done.

Thanks in advance!