instant cake ? and DST

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instant cake ? and DST

I purchased instant cake to format a new hard drive for my philips 704
on march 4th . It is working great thanks, but I am stuck at software
version 6.2 not 6.2a and have tried numerous times to get the newest
software to download but it will not. Direct tv ofcourse will not help
and say that i need to purchase a new unit. Also when i look in my
system information it says my unit is now a dsr7000 is that why this is
not updating? Do you have the instant cake with the latest software so
my daylight savings time can be updated?

I did not get the update via

I did not get the update via the satellite (no phone connected to any) on one of my five D Tivos. I found the 6.2a slices are available on eMule. I found the link on one of the forums here. Check out "6.2a upgrade when the slices didn't download" The link from "mphare" go a DDB forum which then has a link that will automatically take you to the download on eMule (If you start eMule first). Then follow the few threads here on "6.2a upgrade when the slices didn't download" which will help you get the slices onto your tivo box so you can install the slicer (Worth the $20 from DVRupgrade).

Or download the Slicer from DVRupgrade first, install it as in the Slicer forum here on DVRplayground then  connect your Tivo box to a phoneline and go in and use the "connect to the DVR service now" so you can get the slices. My HDVR2 which did not get the slices would not connect to the DVR service even when I connected a phoneline to it. I also called DirecTV to have them force the software to my DVR but the only thing they said is that it had to be hooked up to a phoneline. They actually said the did not know how my other boxes received the SW slices since there was no phyones connected to any of them. I even spoke with their technical support which did not seem to know too much about how a Tivo box works. Rely on people here at DVRplayground, they have helped me graciously on all issues.