Instant Cake S2D2/PVRNet6.2 unable to transfer from other directivos

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I have installed and reinstalled many many times and cannot figure out what is wrong.  I have done this before but now it does not work.

Tivo Desktop sees the dvr and my router does and the other tivos see it but it says it is not enabled for transfers and I have done the superpatch-67all and set name with no luck.

I do get this when I type the IP in my browser when I click on info, but I think my other directivo does the same thing.  I am using the directivos for storage only not for recording.

--cut here--
action_info '/' ''
no such object:
while executing
"dbobj $channel get Number"
("uplevel" body line 4)
invoked from within
"uplevel $body"
invoked from within
"transaction {uplevel $body}"
(procedure "RetryTransaction" line 5)
invoked from within
"RetryTransaction {
set state [db $db open "/State/MyWorld"]
set channel [dbobj $state get LastChannel]
set chnum [db..."
(procedure "::action_info" line 62)
invoked from within
"::action_$action $chan $part $env"
("eval" body line 1)
invoked from within
"eval {::action_$action $chan $part $env}"
--cut here--

I have spent the last 7 days trying to fix this with no luck so I am posting for help. Tried in the ddb but no one would answer which is a shame.

Thanks.  Patrick