InstantCake Help Needed

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InstantCake Help Needed

I just purchased InstantCake for Sony SAT-T60 (instantcake-sat-t60-TWP-3.5d.iso). All runs

normally up until "Just hit <enter> and we'll begin baking your InstantCake!" Upon hitting <enter> I

get this error message:  /etc/rc.S: /cdrom/.live/bin/PTVbake: No such file or directory

The environment is a PC I dedicate exclusively to formatting tivo drives. It worked fine running

the previous version of InstantCake (instantcake-sat-t60-1[1]NR-3.5.0.iso) to format this same hard

drive about a month ago and has not been run/altered since.

Any assistance you can lend would be much appreciated.