Lost MRV ability on 1 of 4 superpatched units

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I've got 4 DTivos, 1 RCA DVR40, 1 Phillips DSR7000 & 2 Phillips DSR704's, I recently started experiencing HMO music play problems on only the DVR40 unit, the photo option work fine, still does but the problem only exists with the 1 unit, at first I tried the restart option, then went to the clear suggestions and to-do list with no change, I then tried at last resort a clear & delete everything option.  Same issue with the ability to play music but now I've lost the ability to transfer shows from the other tivos, it give a message "not enabled for transfers". I honestly don't ever remember seeing this message before when I first setup the 4 units (between 21-17 months ago).

Will this Tivo all of a sudden begin to be "recognized" or am I missing something?