Motorola dct6412 III not deleting

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Hey Guys,

       Here's the deal. I have a motorola dct6412 III that I found in a house I was cleaning out. I hooked it up to my tv and  I have a subscription to Cableone basic cable package. I was only using this for the dvr capability, but later found out it gives me the digital and HD channels. Its been working fine for about 8 months. But now when I delete any shows that I have recorded to free up memory space it deletes the show from the list but increases the percent of memory used. Im at about 80% full and fear when I delete to record more it will eventually say no memory left. Is there any way to fix this? And if its a factory reset, will it upload my info to the cable company alerting them of me using my dvr as appossed to renting theres and paying for the extra channels. Thanks in advance.