My TiVo can't phone home. Service Unavailable.

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I have a Sony Series 1 TiVo that I've had connected to my wired network for over two years.

As of Mar 28, 2006 I've not had a successful call made. Status is "Failed. Service Unavailable"

I can ping and telnet to my TiVo from my PC.

Can someone shed some light on this problem?

HELP!!! I have only 6 days of program info left...

Thank you.

- Jim

My Sony is not networked but

My Sony is not networked but since you can telnet into it, then you should be able to use the traceroute command from the Tivo out to the internet and see if you're being blocked anywhere.

I have the same problem, but

I have the same problem, but I CAN'T telnet into it.  I used a command that I Googled (nic_ something) to attempt to change the IP address to a static IP, and then rebooted - since then, nothing.  No TiVoWeb, no telnet, nothing.

I only have __2__ days of program info left!  Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance.
you should look on

you should look on silicondust's website to see any troublehsooting steps you can take to get the unit back on your network.


Also, make sure ,#401 that's comma pound four zero one is in your dialing prefix, that can always make a difference.